Preparing more powerful antibiotics for comparison with bacteria

Vaccomassic medicine was made more than 1,000 times more powerful, medical researchers. Photos; File:

KARACHI: Medical researchers have discovered a new type of anti-biotechnology against various powerful bacteria, which is able to effectively influence against any powerful bacteria.
Medical researchers say that the powerful bacteria in the world are such on which the current antibiotics are not affecting the medicines, while some diseases are against which anti-biotech medicines have produced resistance, the medicine presents thousands of more powerful anti Biotech medicines have been prepared.
Scientists say that this discovery will increase our war against such a virus that does not have the effects of pre-existing medicines, experts say that the world’s population is facing health problems.
Medical researchers say that pre-existing drug vaccinosine has been made more powerful and it has been made more than one thousand. It attacks 3 anti-antibiotic medicines in 3 different ways, as well as its irregular potential. Germatitis is difficult to defend against it.

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