Fight Frustration With Motivation and Keep Going

We have all experienced frustration and it’s actually normal during our fitness journey. Nothing goes perfectly and results can take longer than we thought. When results are slower than expected, frustration can feel overwhelming. Staying motivated can be difficult during this time. Our feelings can move past frustration straight into pissed off and angry. 

Frustration causes many of us to consider giving up. We doubt our efforts and think nothing will work. We may even return to old unhealthy habits. Before the negative mental game stops you completely, consider fighting frustration with motivation.
The truth is we’re all working toward the same fitness goal but at differing rates of progress. Health is a process of small steps taken over time that provide big results. Just know each positive step to improve our health is working. Our bodies know something good is happening, even when we’re unable to see it. It’s during times of the unseen we must have faith in the process. Be motivated by the good being done to become a healthy person. 

Throwing in the towel and going back to old habits will create nothing but further unhappiness and frustration. It will rob us of all the effort accomplished so far. This is not the time to quit, but to stand strong and kick frustration to the curb with motivation.  
Fighting frustration with motivation will require an inner strength we all possess. It will be a choice to love ourselves at this moment no matter what the scale says. It requires daily acknowledgment of our efforts like eating healthy, completing a workout, a daily goal, or whatever has been the most difficult struggle finally accomplished that day. 

Having a positive attitude will fight off frustration one motivation at a time. Patience and a consistent habit of healthy eating and exercise will produce results. Begin to focus not so much on the goal, but what can be achieved today. This will minimize frustration and promote feeling motivated. 

The stress of trying so hard will be replaced by an inner peace of doing our best each day. When we relax about getting fit, health falls into place. Adopting that healthy lifestyle will eventually feel as natural as breathing. 
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Be well and Stay Healthy

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