Facts About Drugs

Basic facts about Drugs:

The distinction between medicines and sensual drugs is simple.sensual drugs are those that our body has no use for l,but they give the user a strong sense of pleasure. Sensual drugs activate the brains pleasure center we do not know precisely how they do this.

The drug addict experiences a general feeling of discomfort and his personality changes .he feels dispressed and does not respond to his environment or to the other people.his mental disturbance is similar to paronia. He has difficulty in discerning the.source of his problem.any thing external is suspect,he draws further and further into himself.the addict  often thinks that people are looking at him strangely.he fails to understand things properly. Drug related health disorders are many varied.dirty needles and.solutions used for injecting drugs can cause abscesses in the arms and veins,liver diseases ,aids and infection infection of the kidneys and brain.sniffing cocaine and amphetamines can demage the tissue of the.nose babies of women addicted and to.suffer from withdrawal symptoms. A drug user’s way way of life makes him more suspectible to pneumonia, tuberculins,malnutrition and weight loss. 
A number of clinics have been open for thebtreatment of the.drug addicts there.in the gulf countries and some other countries those who are engaged to drug traffic are given capital punishment.To coordinate the police activates of the participating nations.

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